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Monday 17 June 2019

Alicia Vikander's shock at winning Jason Bourne role without an audition

Alicia Vikander is a huge fan of the Bourne franchise
Alicia Vikander is a huge fan of the Bourne franchise

Alicia Vikander might have won an Oscar, but she admitted she was shocked when she was handed her leading role in the new Jason Bourne film without even having to audition.

The Swedish actress, 27, plays Heather Lee, the head of cyber intelligence at the CIA, alongside Matt Damon in the fifth film in the franchise, of which she admits she is a huge fan.

She said: "I was so happy when I found out that (director) Paul Greengrass just wanted to meet for a meeting.

"We met here in London and I think that I came in and just told him about how much I loved the films and that he was a brilliant director, then my agent called me after a few days and said that they invited me to join.

"I was surprised! I was like, 'Don't I need to put myself on tape or do a reading?' but Matt told me that Paul Greengrass is very much about meeting the people and the connection."

But The Danish Girl actress's meeting with the director paled in comparison with her first introduction to Damon.

She explained : "Meeting Matt Damon was probably even more heightened because I walked on set and he was Jason Bourne.

"I actually walked in on set and he was doing this underground fighting scene and I was pinching myself, looking around, like, I'm walking into the film."

Vikander is unreserved in her excitement to sign on for more films in the franchise if they come, saying she would "very much love" another go at Lee, who she calls "the biggest threat I've ever played".

:: Jason Bourne is released in UK cinemas on July 27.

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