Friday 22 November 2019

Alba: Sue Storm is not just mine

Jessica Alba says she doesn't feel too attached to Sue Storm
Jessica Alba says she doesn't feel too attached to Sue Storm

Jessica Alba has said she doesn't mind who plays Sue Storm next, because she isn't too attached to the Fantastic Four character.

The actress played Sue in two previous film adaptations of the comic book tales, but will not be involved in the upcoming reboot, which has Kate Mara cast in the role.

Asked how she felt about the new film, she replied: "I don't read entertainment news so I'm not aware of it, but I love that comic book and it's such a great story about family and staying together.

"Morally, it's nice to have that series out in the world for young people to watch that. It's so positive. There's a lot of negativity out there and I really love the core of what that comic book is about. The more that's out there the better, I think it's great."

And Jessica claimed she didn't mind that another actress would be playing Sue.

She said: "Oh no, I don't have any sort of real attachment to anything like that. I'm like, the more the better, I don't really have any idea. It's not like I created the comic book. I think Stan Lee (co-creator of Fantastic Four) should have a say in who plays Sue."

Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan and Jamie Bell have also been cast in the new film.

Jessica voices a character in animated adventure Escape From Planet Earth, in cinemas now.

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