Monday 27 January 2020

Adams: I still sweep my own floors!

Amy Adams is not too glamorous to do her own housework
Amy Adams is not too glamorous to do her own housework

Amy Adams has revealed she's not too proud to sweep her own floors or do her own chores.

The four-time Oscar nominee, who stars in The Master, admitted that she likes living a low-key life with fiance Darren Le Gallo and their two-year-old daughter Aviana Olea, and will do her own housework and grocery shopping.

"It's out of necessity. I find it to be really grounding," she said.

"What I love about being an actress is exploring different aspects of humanity, and I feel like if I take myself out of humanity by allowing other people to do things for me, then I no longer live like the people I want to play.

"So it's important to me to keep my life as low-key as possible and then I can connect to the characters that I'm interested in playing."

Amy - who has starred in The Muppets, Enchanted and The Fighter - admitted she is uncomfortable with being tabloid fodder.

"I'm still not used to that, and I don't like it, but as long as they are respectful of my daughter..." she said.

"I still get surprised paparazzi are interested in following me to the grocery store. All I do is go to the park and the grocery store, so half the pictures are of me with dirty hair and my daughter, and half the time I haven't looked in the mirror before I leave the house."

:: The Master opens in cinemas on November 16.

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