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Acting was challenging for Shayk


Model Irina Shayk plays Megara in Hercules

Model Irina Shayk plays Megara in Hercules

Model Irina Shayk plays Megara in Hercules

Irina Shayk has revealed making her big-screen debut in Hercules was nerve-racking.

The Russian model plays Megara, the wife of Hercules, portrayed by Dwayne Johnson, in Brett Ratner's movie.

"Acting is very difficult. After my Sports Illustrated cover in 2011, I got some offers to be part of other movies but English is not my first language so it is very challenging for me to memorise lines," she said.

"And I never took acting classes in my life so I feel to be a great actress, you have to study. It's all about the learning process."

The 28-year-old said she felt overwhelmed on set too, although the director and her co-stars made her feel welcome.

"I was the only model on set and those guys, they act for a living. I make pictures for a living, and then they put me on a movie set so of course, I was nervous. But Brett made me feel so comfortable in front of the camera," she continued.

"And I have a great husband! Dwayne was amazing and he really helped me to get to some parts."

Irina, who said she is still focusing on her modelling career, would act again if "some crazy part" came up: " I had a great experience so I definitely want to experience a movie set again. I definitely look forward to more movies. To be a small part of this big, amazing movie with Brett Ratner and Dwayne is just a dream come true."

The model teased her boyfriend, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, may even giving acting a go. She said: " He's great at football. He has a lot of talent actually - singing too - so you never know. Maybe one day."

:: Hercules is in cinemas now.

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