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Acting is 'masochistic' for Lewis


Juliette Lewis is enjoying her acting streak

Juliette Lewis is enjoying her acting streak

Juliette Lewis is enjoying her acting streak

Juliette Lewis has revealed she has considered quitting acting, because it is "masochistic".

The August: Osage County actress admitted going through the rollercoaster of emotions on screen can feel quite painful at times.

"Acting to me is kind of a masochistic, artistic medium for better or for worse. Every job, I think, 'I really should quit this' because internally, it's a little bit discombobulating," she said. "As an actress, you just look for stuff that's really well-written and really complicated, and it gives you a lot to delve into."

Juliette, who also fronts the rock band Juliette Lewis And The Licks, is enjoying getting back into acting after years of focusing on her music career.

"I'd been making music for a good seven years so now I'm having a little bit of a run with making movies," she said.

"I have another film that just got announced - it's called Hellion, starring Aaron Paul. He's another special actor that I think everyone is really excited to see what he's going to do next. This project's really beautiful."

The 40-year-old is also looking to make her own film.

"I'm working on it. I never want to direct, I never want that job but I'll probably end up having that job," she admitted.

"Making music, I do enough of wearing every hat - producer, writer, director - and that's like my baby. I really like collaborating with people but I'm going to write this movie, sort of half-realism, half-surrealism, which is where I live half the time."

:: August: Osage County is in cinemas now.

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