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A brief history of Winona Ryder

Born on October 29, 1971 in Olmsted County, Minnesota, Winona Laura Horowitz (Ryder is a stage name) moved with her parents at the age of seven to a commune in northern California.

Set in remote countryside, the Rainbow commune had no electricity, and the young Winona coped with life without television by turning to books.

She became an avid JD Salinger fan, and at the age of 14 sent a videotape of her reading from Salinger's book Franny and Zooey to a film producer.

Her talent and striking looks got her noticed, and she made her film debut at 15 in a teen movie called Lucas. Tim Burton saw that, and cast her as a teenage goth in his 1988 comic horror hit, Beetlejuice.

In 1989 she received wide acclaim as a high school murderer alongside Christian Slater in the cult film Heathers.

The following year she met Johnny Depp on the set of Tim Burton's Edward Scissorhands (1990), and the pair became a fashionable celebrity couple.

Critically acclaimed performances in Night on Earth (1991), Little Women (1994) and The Age of Innocence (1993) followed.

But by the mid-1990s years of over-exposure were beginning to tell.

She made a string of flops, and has since admitted she became addicted to painkillers. Then came the Beverly Hills shoplifting incident, a minor misdemeanour mercilessly exploited by a DA called Stephen Cooley.

There followed a lengthy period in the wilderness, but it seems that all of that is behind her now.

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