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A big bite out of the box office

On top of his other accomplishments, Steven Spielberg is probably the most commercially successful director of all time. It's reckoned that when adjusted for inflation, the box office gross for all Spielberg's films exceeds $8.5bn worldwide. Here are his top three earners.

Jaws (1975)

Most of the cast and crew who worked on Jaws left the set assuming it would be a disaster. Malfunctioning mechanical sharks had dogged the shoot, along with bad weather, and as a result it had gone over time and budget.

But the inexperienced Spielberg turned adversity to his advantage. made for $8m, Jaws grossed more than $100m in the US alone in 1975, making it the highest grossing film ever at that time.

E.T. (1982)

Though it starred a lovable alien, E.T. was one of Spielberg's most intensely personal films as it was inspired by an imaginary friend he had invented after his parents' divorce.

It told the story of a small but lovable extraterrestrial who accidentally falls to earth and forms a bond with lonely 10-year-old boy. Made for $10m, it earned more than $350m in the US on its initial release and again broke then existing box office records.

Jurassic Park (1993)

Spielberg may have had his mind on Schindler's List while making this adventure film inspired by the stories of Michael Crichton, but if he did it didn't show.

Set in a billionaire's prehistoric theme park populated by cloned dinosaurs, it used revolutionary computer-generated imagery and featured some unforgettable action scenes. It cost a pricey $63m to make, but eventually made a staggering $900m worldwide.

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