Tuesday 28 January 2020

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Paul Whitington

Paul Whitington

For at least its first half-hour, Margaret Corkery's Eamon seems like one of those solid, worthy, nicely made but otherwise unremarkable Irish films that get themselves made by the skin of their teeth and are politely received before slipping quietly into well-deserved obscurity.

If only that were the case, but halfway through Eamon changes tone entirely, starts throwing in contextless incidents and leaves you wondering what on earth they were trying to say in the first place. The best thing in it by far is Robert Donnelly, who does a fine job playing the film's six-year-old protagonist.

Eamon is a needy and moderately dysfunctional boy with an excessive attachment to his mother (Amy Kirwan). God knows why, because she's a vain, self-absorbed twit who spoils the boy to make herself feel better and rejects him whenever he gets in the way. She has allowed Eamon to displace his father (Darren Healy) in her double bed, and when they go on a cut-price break to a coastal resort, sex-starved dad is hoping for a bit of holiday action.

Shot in and around what looks like Brittas Bay, Eamon has a nicely moody visual feel, and initially manages to make us care -- if only a little -- about how Eamon and his crappy parents will get on. But 50 minutes in the already slender script seems to run out of ideas entirely and the movie turns into a kind of bleak Carry On film involving beach hunks and caravans and blow jobs in the gents' toilet. Not the Irish family holiday as I recall it, but there we are.

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