Monday 26 August 2019

Morrissey: I’m non-political and I have never voted

The former Smiths singer has also said he is unsure of Sir David Attenborough’s “regard for animals”.


By Lucy Mapstone, Press Association Deputy Entertainment Editor

Morrissey has said that he has never voted in an election and has described himself as “non-political”.

The singer and former Smiths frontman – who often comments on political matters – has also explained why he previously described Brexit as “magnificent”, saying that it was in response to the electorate’s opposition to Westminster.

Morrissey, 58, told The Sunday Times Magazine: “I’m non-political. I always have been. I’ve never voted in my life.”

He added that he is “human” and is “not interested in being part of anything”.

“I don’t see a party that speaks to me and I haven’t ever,” he added.

“My vote is very precious. I won’t use it just to get rid of somebody I don’t like because they’re all absolutely the same.”

The Manchester-born musician said of his views on Brexit: “I thought it was a fascinating strike for democracy, because the people said the opposite to Westminster, and that was extraordinary.

“David Cameron didn’t imagine the result could be as it was, but at least he did the honourable thing and slid away.

“The unfortunate thing is that politicians only speak to other politicians. They don’t speak to the people, so on that day their bubble burst.”

He said he does not think Brexit will ever happen, “because Westminster don’t want it” and that “they’re just finding a way not to make it Brexit”.

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The singer, who was previously named Britain’s second greatest living cultural icon by the BBC’s Culture Show behind Sir David Attenborough, said he is unsure about the nature broadcaster’s “regard” for animals.

The vegan and animal activist said of the accolade, given to him back in 2006: “It was beautiful but I don’t know about Attenborough’s regard for animals.

“He often uses terms like ‘seafood’ and there’s no such thing . It’s sea life, and he talks about ‘wildlife’ and it’s free life.

“Animals are not wild simply because we pathetic humans haven’t shoved them in a cage, so his terminology is often up the pole.”

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