Tuesday 12 November 2019

Michelle Ackerley: Fighting terrorism on Crimewatch is one of the best jobs

The presenter has discussed the major issues the new series of Crimewatch Roadshow Live will tackle.

Michelle Ackerley has said her role on Crimewatch Roadshow is one of the best jobs she has done (Lauren Hurley/PA)
Michelle Ackerley has said her role on Crimewatch Roadshow is one of the best jobs she has done (Lauren Hurley/PA)

By Andrew Arthur, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Crimewatch Roadshow Live presenter Michelle Ackerley has said the programme’s ability to directly address major national security issues gives her a sense of satisfaction.

Ackerley will join officers from police forces across the country in June for a new series of the BBC daytime show, which encourages viewers to assist in the search for some of Britain’s most dangerous criminals.

During the series, Ackerley will join officers to observe how localised policing procedures are enacted, including controlling crowds around Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup Final.

Michelle Ackerley has said the new series of Crimewatch Roadshow will explore how terrorism is policed (Pete Dadds/BBC)

Ackerley also told the Press Association that the new series will address UK-wide issues including the fight against terrorism and security around immigration.

Speaking ahead of the first episode she said that she had been filming with Border Force’s Marine Unit in Ramsgate in Kent.

Ackerley said it was important that the programme covered these big issues and presenting the programme was one of the best things she has done.

She said: “It’s really close to my heart, because this is something that affects us all.

“You can’t bury your head in the sand and think, ‘Well, if I don’t watch it or if I don’t get involved in it, then it’s not something that’s important to me.’

“This is something that is really important to all of us, so for me to be actively involved in trying to make a difference is wonderful.

“It’s one of the best jobs that I do from a level of being able to learn more, but also coming away from it thinking, ‘Today I could have helped in some way’. So I really get a sense of satisfaction from that.”

The programme’s studio host will be former detective Rav Wilding, who will lead the call for viewers’ assistance with finding the perpetrators of the crimes it features.

Ackerley believes that with the increasing number of terror attacks in recent years, now has never been a better time for people to play a more active part in keeping their communities safe.

Ackerley said: “There are so many things going on in our country, and around the world at the moment.

“With the Manchester and London bombings, to actually be involved in a programme where we can address them, and speak to people in the know to say, ‘Right, well what is going to happen next with this? How are we trying to combat the rise of terrorism and keep people safe on our streets?’

“We always say this, your calls really do make a difference and we genuinely mean it.”

Crimewatch Roadshow Live will air on weekdays at 11am on BBC One from Monday June 4.

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