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Matt Goss explains Stevie Wonder comment in Bros documentary

He said the singer’s hit track Superstition taught him an important lesson.


Matt Goss (Ian West/PA)

Matt Goss (Ian West/PA)

Matt Goss (Ian West/PA)

Matt Goss has explained his comment that Stevie Wonder taught him not to be superstitious.

A clip of the Bros singer talking about the impact Wonder’s song Superstition had on him went viral after a documentary about the band, After The Screaming Stops, aired on television over Christmas.

In the film, he can be heard saying “I made a conscious decision, because of Stevie Wonder, to not be superstitious”, which prompted mirth online.

Explaining the clip, he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I see that it’s a funny thing when I see it and I’m actually glad that they edited it that way because it is funny.

“But the truth behind the full answer is, as working-class boys growing up, our literature were album sleeves and album lyrics and the line before is ‘if you believe in things that you don’t understand then you’ll suffer’.

“Our family was crippled by superstition and when I actually listen to many many lyrics, and Stevie’s lyrics did influence me, the good thing is that I still believe that sentence and that I guess is the point of the movie, it’s authentic.

“I did make a decision because our family was crippled by superstition, ‘don’t do this, don’t do that’, and I still believe now that if you believe in things that you don’t understand then you will suffer.”

Asked how he feels about viewers making fun of them, his twin brother, Luke Goss, said: “I think it’s a subjective art form to start with so, if you go into it thinking everybody is going to love it, you set yourself up for a fall anyway, but there are some funny moments in the documentary for sure.

“There is a shorthand that has developed between any brother or sister or any sibling and even couples and what is being written is that shorthand, and it might be summary and you might not be hearing the whole answer but of course there are lots of moments that Matt and I would laugh in this documentary.”

The duo also announced that they will be performing together in London this year, taking to the stage at the Brixton Academy on July 5, before doing more shows around the UK.

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