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Lunchbox: Mona Lisa Bistro

The Cost: €13.90 for a Renoir pizza and a Four Seasons pizza (two for the price of one).

The Look: The room has a lot of potential but it's certainly not being used to its best advantage at the moment. Décor is rather dingy and the multitude of hard surfaces mean the sound levels are very loud.

The Goods: Value rules the roost, particularly at lunchtime. Buy-one-get-one-free deals for all pizzas and pastas on the à la carte menu, two courses and a drink for €13.95, and three courses for €19.95. Beat that if you can.

The Bad: Sound levels and the pizzas. The 'buffalo mozzarella' on the Renoir tastes oddly like margarine and the base on both pizzas is bland and doughy.

The Result: The noisy room would be bearable if the food was up to much, but these pizzas are far from the best. And the stroppy, gum-chewing waitress doesn't endear herself.

The Grade: C-.

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