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Lunchbox: Elephant & Castle

The Cost: €12.50 for cheese and bacon burger.

The Look: This Temple Bar institution has never messed with its wooden interiors and the tables are as tightly packed as ever. But they're all full.

The Goods: The menu hasn't changed much either, with starters including crab cakes, various soups and the legendary chicken wings, and mains ranging from sandwiches, omelettes and burgers to more formal dining with roast quail, steaks and a number of seafood dishes.

The Bad: It is a pricey lunch option, as the menu doesn't change for evenings. And while most of the staff are friendly, our waiter is decidedly snooty, writing us off as a tight table when we don't order starters or wine, and then becoming decidedly dismissive.

The Result: The burger is most tasty and of very high quality. But the menu could do with a redesign to recognise our lighter purses and our waiter could do with a new attitude.

The Grade: B-.

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