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Love Island’s Connagh still keen on Rebecca despite dumping

He was the third islander to leave the dating show so far this series.


Love Island’s Connagh Howard is still keen on Rebecca despite his dumping from the show (ITV/PA)

Love Island’s Connagh Howard is still keen on Rebecca despite his dumping from the show (ITV/PA)

Love Island’s Connagh Howard is still keen on Rebecca despite his dumping from the show (ITV/PA)

Love Island’s Connagh Howard has not ruled out a future romance with Rebecca Gormley, despite her decision at a recoupling resulting in him being dumped from the villa.

Connagh, who exited the show after a dramatic recoupling in Friday’s episode, said he has no regrets about his actions and is glad he did not play it safe.

Rebecca chose to partner up with newcomer Luke T, which left Siannise Fudge with a choice between Connagh and Nas Majeed.

She chose Nas, meaning 27-year-old model Connagh – who had previously been pursued by both Siannise and Rebecca – was sent home.

Speaking after his exit, Connagh – who at one stage shared a kiss with Rebecca – said he had doubts about whether she would pick him in the recoupling.

“I wasn’t confident because Rebecca’s quite hard to read, she doesn’t give too much away,” he said.

“Even before the two new lads came in I was trying to see where her head was at, who she was interested in, and she didn’t say too much… So I had doubts in my mind.

“If I’m still single and if she does have a change of heart in the future and wanted to try again, I wouldn’t completely close it off.”

Connagh said he was worried about the new boys, Luke T and Luke M, when they joined the villa, and was particularly concerned Luke T would “steal” Rebecca away from him.

He said: “It’s the fear of the unknown.

“You haven’t got a clue what these lads are going to be like, who they’re interested in.

“I definitely had an idea one of them would be interested in Rebecca because she’s a stunning girl. People are going to be interested.

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“But after meeting them, I could sympathise with them because I had been in their position too.

“So, there wasn’t any hostility from me – I get it, you’ve come in here for the same reasons as I have.

“Everyone deserves their fair chance to get to know whoever. It was nice to see new faces in the villa as well.”

On his relationship with Siannise, he said it was difficult to let her down, adding: “Because, truthfully, Siannise was also one of the girls I was interested in when I first went into the villa – she’s a very pretty girl, very sweet, innocent.

“I was very mindful not to say all these nice things to her, get her hopes up and then just change my mind.

“I was upset that she got upset the first time. I didn’t enjoy that.”

Connagh was given the nickname “Connagh with a G” during his time in Love Island to differentiate him from fellow islander Connor Durman, and he said he enjoyed the moniker.

He joked: “I’ve come away with a pretty sick nickname. I’m shocked it’s not come up before. Connagh with G… I like it… Connagh with a G didn’t grate at all, it was nice.”

The model and actor became the third contestant to leave the show, after Ollie Williams departed to reunite with his ex-girlfriend, and Eve Gale was eliminated.

Love Island continues on ITV2.

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