Sunday 17 November 2019

Love Island’s Camilla Thurlow explains her reserved behaviour

She said she is old enough to have learned from past mistakes.

Love Island star Camilla Thurlow (Joel Anderson/ITV)
Love Island star Camilla Thurlow (Joel Anderson/ITV)

By Laura Harding, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

Love Island star Camilla Thurlow has explained her reserved behaviour on the reality show, saying she is “old enough to have made mistakes in the past”.

The explosive ordnance disposal employee was often the quietest resident of the villa and the slowest to show physical affection.

That changed when underwear model Jamie Jewitt entered the house and the pair struck up a romance.

She told ITV’s Lorraine:  “You do get more comfortable in there.

“It’s really interesting because I understand why people see that as a change but I’m 28 and the reason I’m reserved on that side of things is because I’m old enough to have made mistakes in the past and that has made me cautious about how I move forward with people.

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“I do things when I’m ready to do them because that is the right thing for me but at the same time I’m still a person and I respect my own wants and needs and that was how I wanted to be in there.”

Asked if she was more cautious because of reports of her romance with Prince Harry, she said: “I only ever went in there as Camilla, as myself, and that is what I wanted to show and you can’t help but be yourself in there, you’re in there for seven weeks and my main concern was making decisions I could live with in the real world.”

Questioned if the couple are ready to cement their status as a couple, Jewitt said: “It’s funny how often this comes up.

“We are both very aware when we were in the villa of the environment you’re in and we wanted to be cautious because outside is a different beast.

“Now we are outside and have got our plans and we have been out for four or five days and everything is just as great, if not better than it was.”

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