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Love Island’s Callum has his head turned and fans are fuming

The ITV2 show has welcomed 12 newcomers.


Callum Jones (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Callum Jones (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Callum Jones (Joel Anderson/ITV)

Love Island viewers turned on Callum Jones after a new girl caught his eye straight after he arrived at Casa Amor.

Monday night’s episode of the ITV2 dating show saw the boys move out of the main villa into a new home, with six new girls.

The original girls welcomed six new boys into the main villa.

Despite being coupled up with Shaughna Phillips throughout most of the series, Callum seemed excited to meet some newcomers and quickly honed in on model Molly Smith.

The pair bonded over Manchester – where they both live – and their dogs, and when Molly asked if she could share a bed with Callum he told her to “jump in”.

Viewers were unimpressed with how fast Callum appeared to forget about his old flame.

“Callum flew out of that villa like he was breaking out of prison!” said one person on Twitter, while another posted: “You know what Callum, I’m not even mad. Just disappointed.”

“Callum is just completely mugging Shaughna off and it’s just irritating me,” tweeted another fan.

“Honestly feel so bad for Shaughna, her heart is gonna crumble if Callum comes back with Molly,” one person said.

“Shaughna plsssss get with a new man, Callum is a RAT,” urged one viewer.

Another said: “We ALL KNEW Callum’s head would be spinning. But the SPEED it spun at.”

“Callum has known this girl for 2 secs and he’s already jumping in bed with her? I hope Shaugna finds someone else,” said another.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and in Ireland on Virgin Media One.

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