Friday 24 January 2020

Love Island’s Alex to say he won’t force feelings for Alexandra to reach final

In a shock twist the islanders will be asked to vote for one couple to be dumped from the show.

The fallout from Alex and Alexandra’s split will continue on Love Island (ITV)
The fallout from Alex and Alexandra’s split will continue on Love Island (ITV)

By Andrew Arthur, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Love Island’s Alex George will justify his decision to call off his relationship with Alexandra Cane by telling his fellow contestants that he could not force having romantic feelings for her just to reach the show’s final on Monday.

Doctor Alex split from Alexandra following their final date after saying he felt he was unable to give her the level of affection she wanted at this stage of their relationship.

Alexandra will refuse to speak to Alex after he called their relationship off. (ITV)

Insisting that he made the decision with the best intentions, Alex will tell his fellow contestants: “She’s beautiful, she’s really nice, she’s funny, she’s got everything. It’s not my fault.

“You can’t make that feeling, you can’t force that. What she wants and probably deserves I can’t give her.

“I can’t go at the level she wants to be in. I could literally try and get to the final by pretending but I’m not doing that. It’s not right.”

Alexandra accused Alex of leading her on after he finished with her saying: “You’ve wasted my time and you’ve wasted your own, shame on you.”

During Friday’s episode Alexandra will remain frosty with Alex and refuse to speak to him. She will maintain in a conversation with Josh Denzel and Laura Anderson that she feels she has been lied to.

Alexandra will say: “Everything’s been so vague, like ‘I’m just really enjoying our time together, we’re just taking things slow, let’s not compare ourselves.’

“Now I just feel like all that’s been an excuse because he doesn’t like me enough. He doesn’t genuinely feel strongly enough about me.

“Even though we’re not at that stage of ‘we’re going to be exclusive when we come out’, the guy can’t even bring himself to hold my hand.

“It’s just displays of affection that you care, and I’ve not had one single ounce of that. That is a problem. And I’ve made up so many excuses for the situation because I like the boy. It’s hurtful.”

In a shock twist that will rock the villa, the remaining couples will be asked to vote privately amongst themselves for the pair who they think should next be dumped from the show and miss out on a chance to win £50,000.

Love Island continues on ITV2 tonight at 9pm.

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