Sunday 26 May 2019

Love Island fans happy that friendship couple have a shot at romance

Alex and Samira have new partners after Friday’s re-coupling.

Love Island fans are happy Alex and Samira have a chance to find love with new partners. (ITV)
Love Island fans are happy Alex and Samira have a chance to find love with new partners. (ITV)

By Andrew Arthur, Press Association Entertainment Reporter

Viewers of ITV2 reality show Love Island have expressed their delight that contestants Samira Mighty and Alex George finally have their chance to find romance.

The pair have been unlucky in their search for love so far, and have only managed to keep their places in the villa by forging a friendship pact.

During Friday night’s episode the Islanders were informed that a recoupling would be taking place, with the boys set to chose the girl they wanted to be with.

Alex opted to be with Ellie Brown, saying she was the person he had “true romantic potential with”.

Samira’s place in the villa seemed under threat. 

However, Sam Bird decided to partner up with the West End performer after going on a date with her. 

This resulted in Rosie Williams being dumped from the show.

Many of the show’s fans took to social media to praise Sam for giving Samira and Alex an opportunity to find the love they are looking for.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “I don’t think Sam likes Samira but he’s giving her a chance at love.  Rosie had hers, good lad.”

Also praising Sam, another wrote: “Have 10/10 respect for that new kid Sam.

“He comes in, puts Adam in his place, respects Alex having a chance with Ellie and keeps Samira in cos she hasn’t had her chance yet.  What a bloke.”

After Sam made his decision, Alex thanked him for saving his friend Samira. The doctor said in the Beach Hut that the re-coupling had ended in the “perfect outcome” for him.

One fan tweeted in appreciation:  “Alex being happy that Samira is still in the villa is the purest content we have had all season.”

Other viewers expressed some reservations about Samira’s behaviour in the lead-up to the re-coupling.

When Alex told her he was not sure whether to pursue his feelings for Ellie and risk losing her as a friend Samira seemed to put doubt in his mind by saying she didn’t trust the new arrival.

One fan accused her of playing games in order to ensure her survival on the show. 

They wrote: “Samira is really gonna fraud her way to the final.”

One of the star of last year’s series Gabby Allen backed Alex’s summation in the Beach Hut that Samira’s comments about Ellie were unfair.

Allen wrote: “Alex is right! Sam keeps saying things then saying she didn’t say them.  And she’s calling others out on being genuine. I like Samira but come on girl. Say it and stick to it.”

Another celebrity viewer to suggest Samira was being slightly underhand with her advice to Alex was The Only Way Is Essex star Mario Falcone.

He wrote: “Feel sorry for Samira, hasn’t been given a fair chance at all but I do feel she’s trying to put Alex off Ellie to protect herself from leaving. Then again, I don’t know if Ellie really likes Alex.”

Falcone later tweeted his relief that Samira survived the re-coupling, writing: “Good for you Samira.”

Love Island continues on ITV2.

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