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Love Island best bits: Are famous peeps just booking their kids into Love Island like summer camp? Plus, Dami’s dramatic fall from grace


Gemma and Jack on Love Island

Gemma and Jack on Love Island

Gemma and Jack on Love Island

And there we thought it'd be Ronan Keating's second-born, model Missy, that would've sashayed into the villa at some point. Who knows, that may still happen; especially as it doesn't appear Jack is tickling any of the girls' fancies in Casa Amor, despite him being one of the more likable, genuine souls rocking around in there. His Gaelic hue – which serves to highlight the flow of that tattoo – unfortunately won't be appreciated given their preoccupation with all-over body tans and dark hair. Still, one can dream...

With the offspring of three rather famous people in the villa thus far this year, just how many noted name droppers have graced Love Island over the years? Well, not that many to be fair. Five in total. We had Dani Dyer in 2018, much to her father Danny's despair (on the upside, she did go on to win alongside Jack Fincham's epic teef). Then, in 2019, actor Tamer Hassan's daughter Bella arrived as a Casa Amor Bombshell, hooking up with Anton Danyluk.

While Belle, Dani, Gemma, and recently departed Bombshell Antigone (daughter of celeb TV chef Tonia Buxton) remained largely tight-lipped about their connections (particularly when they first arrived; although Antigone was only there a wet week), the same can't quite be said for Jack, who was quick to inform Gemma that he knows what it's like to have a famous father. As for what he said during their exchange on last night's show? Well, you can read all about that here. What I can tell you is that Ronan wasn't best pleased with his son initially describing him as "retired" during their poolside tete-a-tete. Speaking on The One Show earlier this evening, Ronan said he "almost fell off the chair" when he heard Jack's declaration.

Raunchy Races; where glandular fever has a field day...

There's not much to share about this, to be honest, apart from spare a thought for these hot young things; they spent the guts of two years not being permitted to be in the presence of anyone but their families and now they're being asked to "snog all six members of the opposite sex." Still, the OG girls in Casa Amor won overall, which made Twitter very happy.

Dami and Andrew have a dalliance on the terrace...

Not together, more's the pity. While the giddles being whisked away to Casa Amor in a clandestine fashion made for a refreshing change, leaving the boys to pack their little suitcases with care, it was business as usual when it came to the new dynamics. By that I mean the girls are enjoying the view but not sampling the wares (outside of Raunchy Races, so far), while their partners are horsing into everything available. Why? Pan-generational patriarchial double standards coupled with toxic masculinity, innit.

The two guys arguably in the more "committed" couplings – that being Dami and Indiyah, plus Andrew and Tasha – both brought new girls to the terrace for an illicit tongue lashing in tonight's show. And to say Twitter isn't happy would be something of an understatement. No one really gives a fiddlers about Andrew kissing Coco; some would wager he deserves to exert some independence after being put through the wringer thanks to Tasha being in demand whenever a new boy arrives. In his mind, and by what he's been hearing from the new girls, Tasha has been making him look like a mug and is definitely considering her options. Andrew might be reconsidering his choice of replacement in light of Coco's revelation to Davide earlier in the day.

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Meanwhile, Twitter was collectively livid and utterly aghast at the notion Dami would ditch bona fide Queen Indiyah so quickly, and even more fuming with Davide suggesting that he could "upgggrrrraydah her".

Video of the Day

Luca hits a nerve...

Just when you thought Dami's descent from Twitter grace couldn't be more swift, in tonight's final act, he only went and managed to make Luca of all people look like a reasonable sort – which is absolute MADNESS.

By way of context; the boys in the main villa were having a post lipsing conflab which culminated in Dami having a go at Luca, calling him "fake". Why? Because Luca said Dami should give Summer cuddles in his bed, and tried nudging Jacques to agree with him, so Dami said: "Yeah, stop egging other people on, man. “I know you wanna win this show... What’s wrong with you? Just be real for once.” Classic projection, ladies and gennulmen. Luca's response was rather astute, pointing out that Dami was lashing out because he felt bad about his decision to kiss Summer.

I dunno, Davide wore the face off Coco (she had a busy night) and Molly (who he's now sharing a bed with), Andrew decided to sample seconds with Coco, and then Dami kissed Summer. Well, you know, they ARE being tested. When you think about it, it's the noble and valiant thing to do when beset with the challenge of new girls. Like, how are they going to know if they like them or not WITHOUT kissing all of them. Poor lambs. Like Andrew keeps saying "We're all boys here." Fact.

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