Friday 20 September 2019

LOVE ISLAND 2019 EP. 48: No Belle prize! Anton and Belle are the final couple to get the boot, while Maura's mammy has the measure of Curtis...

Love Island: SR5: Ep48 on ITV2 Pictured: Maura sees her family.
Love Island: SR5: Ep48 on ITV2 Pictured: Maura sees her family.
From ITV Studios Love Island: SR5: Ep48 on ITV2 Pictured: Maura sees her family.
From ITV Studios Love Island: SR5: Ep48 on ITV2

Sheena McGinley

On Friday, I asked voting neighbours in the UK to please vote to keep Ovie, India, Maura and Curtis as their favourite couple and they TOTALLY listened. Or, they're just of a similar mindset... Either way, the Villa's resident living Barbie and Ken dolls have been given their marching orders by Caroline Flack.

Before the Flack flounced her way towards the fire pit; those who aren't avid watchers of After Sun were introduced to Anton's mum – the person responsible for Anton's arse (on many levels). On this occasion, she was arguably less slurry in the words department than during her After Sun appearance but that didn't stop Twitter willing otherwise.

While the meeting between Anton and Belle's family was suitably brash across the board, we were first treated to the sight of a very nervous"Moira" coming face to face with Curtis's "mudder". Then again, considering what Maura's mammy had to say about Curtis, he should've been the one quaking in his Bermudas...

Maura's mam said, in an increasingly high-pitched voice, after the universally telling paaaause... "He’s nice?! I’m trusting your judgement. And I know you’re not a bad judge of character. And there's obviously sumptin' you see in him... If you’re happy, then I am happy."

We all know that's Irish Mammy for "RUN, RUN FOR THE HILLS, HE'S A THUNDERING GOBSH*TE!" In fact, Maura's Mammy would clearly prefer to be welcoming Ovie to the family...

Speaking of which, Ovie's brother and cousin wafted into the Villa shortly after, and they seemed quite taken with India, clocking that she's no drama, which is nice. However, just across the pool, we had India's mum saying "He just so calm, because you're a bit wild." India's mum then continued with the truth bombs, telling Ovie "you're much better looking in real life... I can't believe how beautiful you are" Then she made further Ovie-tures (had to happen, again) trilling "I'm 29!"

Next up, it was Tommy and Molly-Mae's nearest and dearest, there were LOTS of tears. LOTS. And it was the turn of Molly-Mae's mother to perv over the other half, saying "I want him... he's too good for you." In short, her mother and sister were "obsessed" with Tommy, while his mother said "You picked a good un'"

Then, to the nation's favourite, Amber and Greg. Amber's mum rocked up in head-to-toe green, which was good for starters. Between the green jumpsuit, and the touching exchange of a shamrock necklace and a flip flop between families, and all the talk of how much they make each other smile, it was almost too much tangible love to absorb. It was fierce lovely altogether.

Finally, to Belle and Anton's family... There was also a lot to take in but in rather a different way. There was a lot of kissing on the lips. There was a lot of endless cuddling between Belle and her dad (to the point where her mum had to request to be included). Meanwhile, Anton's mum straddled him. That is all. Oh, and she gifted bell a razor. In front of Belle's GAAAYYYNGGSTAH dad.

Speaking of Belle's dad... he welcomed Anton to the fayyyhmilly after asking him to "go on a nice little road trip, chew the fah', an' then we'll take it from there." Dude's toast, man.

As for the final couple to be dumped from the Island? This probably isn't news at this point, but the couple with the least public votes turned out to be Anton and Belle.

The last remaining original male islander had this to say of his time in The Villa: "Everyone knows my main highlight was Craig David."


• Didn't Curtis's mum look like an older version of Amy?!

• Tommy's mum hasn't been on a plane in 16 years?!

• Does everyone kiss their parent's square on the lips?!!

• Maura's mammy is worth mentioning again...

• Anton insisting "We're fine. We're fine" was bittersweet...




Twitter will riot if it's not Amber and Greg...

Love Island continues on Virgin Media Two and ITV2.

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