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Louise Pentland’s 97-year-old grandfather ‘survives coronavirus’

He and his wife said what they thought would be their goodbyes to each other when he was taken to hospital, according to their granddaughter.


(Louise Pentland/PA)

(Louise Pentland/PA)

(Louise Pentland/PA)

Author and YouTuber Louise Pentland says that her 97-year-old grandfather has survived coronavirus.

John Pentland lived through the Second World War – and has previously survived cancer and strokes, she said.

He is now recovering at home after being taken to hospital, where he was treated for 10 days.

John, who worked as a precision engineer in bunkers in the London Underground network during the war, “couldn’t breath” and needed urgent medical care, Louise said.


(Louise Pentland/PA)

(Louise Pentland/PA)

(Louise Pentland/PA)

He and his wife Peggy, who is 96, “thought that would be the end and said their goodbyes to each other”, she told the PA news agency.

“He went to hospital and 10 days later came out. He’d beaten it”, Louise said.

“It breaks me a bit that grandma thought she’d said goodbye to him and then she came back to him.”

She added that the carers of the couple, who live in sheltered accommodation in Northampton, also believe that Peggy had the virus, although she was not taken to hospital or tested.

Louise said that she and her family are “just so pleased” as they had feared they would not make it if they contracted the virus because of their age.

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🌷I have some amazing news!! My 97 year old Grandad has beat #covid19!!🥂👌🏻🎉 . He’s #survived World War II, cancer, a stroke and now coronavirus! He is still very weak but he’s back in his flat with Grandma (who we suspect also had it but didn’t need hospital treatment and therefore wasn’t tested) and we are so thrilled. ❤️💪🏻 . I appreciate that they are both very old and probably close to the end of their earthly journey but I’m so pleased and proud and impressed that my dear old Gdad actually fought this awful virus off and made it out the other side- what a fighter!! . Thank you, thank you, thank you to the #NHS for saving his life yet again. He has been cared for and saved by @northamptongeneralhospital on multiple occasions and I can’t thank them enough. ✨ . Grandad smashed it! He’s home from hospital! Hooray! ❤️🥰❣️ . Ps- the little girl in white- that’s me!! 👧🏼

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She added that John “just keeps going and we all hope we have grandad’s genes”.

“What an accolade to say you have lived through a war, you have had cancer, you have had strokes, he has had all kinds of medical problems and he’s just fought off coronavirus,” Louise said.

The story gives “hope for everyone else”, she added.

“I’m so proud to have such amazing grandparents and when it’s safe to do so, I can’t wait to go round and tell him how amazing he is.

“I am so grateful to the NHS, Northampton General Hospital and Wardington Court Retirement Living for the wonderful care they have given him.”

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