Tuesday 17 September 2019

Liam Gallagher says brother Noel ‘needs all the songs he can get’ on Reddit Q&A

The former Oasis frontman’s far-reaching AMA touched on topics ranging from music to tea.

Gallagher brothers feud
Gallagher brothers feud

By Edd Dracott

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has said his brother Noel “needs all the songs he can get” in an entertaining Q&A on Reddit.

The social media site’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) feature allows users to send celebrities their questions and has attracted famous names ranging from Barack Obama and Bill Gates to Snoop Dogg and Amy Poehler.

Gallagher announced his participation on Reddit to social media with the name of his hit debut solo album As You Were, released on Friday.

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User natblz asked: “Would you sing a song Noel wrote you if he offered it to you for your solo album?”

“I think he needs all the songs he can get himself these days,” replied Gallagher.

Gallagher’s far-reaching fan interview discussed other music stars, including Robbie Williams who he said would be a “Bud Light” if the former Take That star was a beer. He also decided Paul Simon would beat Phil Collins in a fight.

The Rolling Stones were Gallagher’s choice as the one band he would like to open a concert for, while Imagine by John Lennon is his favourite song ever.

He also said he would “love to” collaborate with Richard Ashcroft, formerly of The Verve.

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Gallagher revealed his favourite drink to be alcohol and sport to be boxing, while also saying he preferred marmalade over jam.

Asked what his “favourite jacket” was, Gallagher replied “jacket potato”.

There was even an update on Gallagher’s mum, who he said is “doing good”, and is the thing he misses most about Manchester aside from football and music.

A recent viral video from BBC Three showed Gallagher complaining that in the 1990s he had someone else to make his tea. Asked if he would continue to make his own in the wake of As You Were’s success, he said “god no”.

As You Were has outsold the rest of the top 20 combined since its release, with stats on Monday showing sales and streams of 79,000 at the midweek stage.

Gallagher also revealed his brew and biscuit of choice to be Yorkshire Tea and rich tea respectively.

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Asked if he was enjoying the creative freedom of going solo, Gallagher said: “Not particularly. I loved being in a band.”

One user asked Gallagher if he would do another AMA drunk, to which the 45-year-old’s reply was “of course”.

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