Wednesday 17 July 2019

Leading Ladies... top five Irish screen stars

Sarah Greene
Sarah Greene
Saoirse Ronan
Jane McGrath
Katie McGrath
Kerry Condon

Pat Fitzpatrick

We take a look at Irish female stars of the screen.

1 Sarah Greene

Sarah has a leading role in the TV series, Vikings. Apparently the producers decided to shoot the show here when they learned we have an endless supply of idle, hairy men. They call them extras. We call them hipsters. Sarah's long-time Irish boyfriend, Aidan Turner, drove large numbers of English women wild when he got his chest out in Poldark. That's a first. Your English woman is normally turned right off when one of our lads rocks up and takes out his six-pack. Those Irish. Mad for the drink.

2 Saoirse Ronan

It's amazing Saoirse gets any roles in Hollywood. Media Mogul 1: "Let's get that broad from Ireland, what's her name again?" Mogul 2: "It's unpronounceable. Ring Jennifer Lawrence." Mogul 1: "I'll google her. S-a-o-i-r-s-e Ireland. OK, from what I can make out, her aims are to achieve a united Ireland by killing anyone who gets in her way. We can't have someone with crazy personal views involved with our movie." Mogul 2: "Two words for you. Tom Cruise."

3 Jane McGrath

Jane revealed that she went to the Garda College in Templemore to prepare for her role in TV3's soap, Red Rock. While there, she picked up the one thing that is essential for anyone who is entering the Force - a thick north-Tipperary accent, ya boy ya. Jane also appeared in a few episodes of Game of Thrones. The main difference between her shows is that Game of Thrones has better ratings and lashings of nudity. There might be a link there.

4 Katie McGrath

Katie started out on the road to fame as a wardrobe assistant on the period drama series The Tudors back in 2007. We're not suggesting that show was a bit racy. But a typical instruction in the wardrobe department went, "Down a bit, down a bit, down another bit, OK, back up a bit, we're still not allowed show her nips." Seriously, The Tudors featured some of the most famous tits in history. Like Henry VIII says you, always trying to get a rise out of the Brits.

5 Kerry Condon

Kerry is originally from Tipperary. That can't be right, says you, a real stickler for the old geography. She stars in the Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul. Saul was the lawyer in Breaking Bad. He was unscrupulous and money-mad. That's very unusual for a lawyer, says no one without their tongue in their cheek. We were led to believe that Saul knew every pocket-lining scam in the legal profession. He obviously never googled "Ireland tribunals".

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