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Kim Kardashian West among stars backing Cara Delevingne eco movement

Celebrities have shared their environmental resolutions.


Cara Delevingne (Ian West/PA)

Cara Delevingne (Ian West/PA)

Cara Delevingne (Ian West/PA)

Cara Delevingne has said she launched her environmental movement because she wants to use her platform for good.

The model and actress, who founded EcoResolution with friend Christabel Reed last year, said she wants to highlight the issues of the climate crisis and showcase solutions.

A campaign video featuring famous friends, including Kim Kardashian West, Jack Black, Karlie Kloss, Suki Waterhouse, Willow and Jaden Smith, and Priyanka Chopra, shows the stars sharing their own environmental resolutions.

Kardashian West said she will commit to a plant-based diet, while Black vowed to stop eating red meat and Kloss pledged to work with companies that are evolving to be more sustainable.

The campaign will explore different topics at the heart of the environmental emergency each month of the year, starting with the issue of food in February.

Delevingne said: “The climate and ecological crisis is the greatest threat we’ve ever faced, and the future of life on our planet is at stake. Yet this crisis is the symptom of broken systems.

“We need to reinvent so much of how we live in the 21st century. This can feel hugely overwhelming – it’s easy to feel powerless, and too small to make a difference.

“Yet if we can step up, rather than shut down, there is an exciting invitation before us – to ignite individual initiative, to lead the change, beyond buying better reusable coffee cups.

“I started #MyEcoResolution as a way to wield my platform for good. To inspire others to learn, share, and pledge their commitments for the planet. And do so from a place of humility.

“There is much I have to learn about these global challenges – and even more that I need to change in my own life. Yet we can’t allow fear of scrutiny to keep us stuck in place. We may all be complicit, but we all have the power to lead the solutions, too.

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“With this campaign, I’m going on a journey with people from every corner of the world. We need to hear the calls from those on front lines, those who are most vulnerable to the worst effects of the climate crisis – and who are generally the least responsible.

“We need to listen to the indigenous communities around the world and stand united with them.

“The change won’t happen overnight, but we must act with the urgency that the science tells us is necessary if we seek to reverse global warming and ecological devastation.

“This year, we’re diving deep into a different challenge each month – rather than spreading ourselves thin across lots of causes. In this way, we’re hoping to make both the challenges and solutions accessible to people.

“We seek to become a community of change-makers and launchpad for action – united in our pledges of eco-resolutions, and in our mission to drive the eco-revolution.”

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