Friday 23 March 2018

Keith Barry speaks to Barry Egan - 'I hypnotised my wife to give birth but I'm just a normal Dad'

Barry reveals his secrets and then tests his skills on's Clare Cullen

Mentalist Keith Barry speaks to Barry Egan about his secrets, the car crash that almost cost him his legs and hypnotising his wife through the birth of their second child.

'(Magic)'s not real, Barry - it's not Harry Potter school I come from!'

When confronted with the allegations of fraud that have been thrown his way, Barry is unruffled.  "I am a fraud and a charlatan... and a magician! I'm an entertainer. If you want to call me a fraud, go ahead."

"I don't ever pretend to be psychic... Can I really read somebody's mind? Absolutely not!"

Years ago, Barry was forced to "self-hypnotise" to save his legs following a severe car crash. He had five minutes before the doctors would have had to amputate. "I had to, very quickly, self-hypnotise to numb out the pain and allow them to pop my foot back in".

Keith is not the only Barry household member to have been hypnotised in times of pain and stress. When his wife was giving birth to their second child following a difficult first birth experience, he offered to hypnotise her to help her through the pain.

"No other pain medication except hypnosis.. it was grounds for divorce if it didn't work but, thankfully, it did work!"

"Our minds are capable of far more than we believe."

On the subject of his wife, Barry conceded that it must be difficult for her to watch her husband complete such dangerous stunts.

"She just watched the TV3 series in the last few weeks... she didn't know half of what was going on!" adding that he "leaves work at the door when I go home.. and watch Breaking Bad."

Moving on to the positives of his new show, Barry promises it will be worth the audience member's while - the show promises to improve your mind with a segment focusing on 'brain-training' and memory.

"I didn't write the last three shows to be controversial, they just ended up being controversial."

The show begins on the first of April in the Olympia and he promises a spectacular event. "I'll probably have an April's Fools for the audience".

While Keith was in the studio, he tested out his brain-hacking skills on SME Clare Cullen, and managed to extract some embarrassing information.

Keith Barry 'brain-hacks''s 'Clisare'

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