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Keeping the faith

Sufjan Stevens’ faith sets him apart from other alternative rock figures. But he is far from the only musician to believe in God

- Brandon Flowers

A committed Mormon, Brandon Flowers refrains from such traditional rock-star pastimes as drinking, random acts of debauchery and the chucking of televisions out of hotel windows. A pity the Mormons don’t have a law against dodgy goatees.

- Prince

Having had nothing but sex on the brain for 25 years, Prince became a Jehovah’s Witness in 2001. If you live in certain parts of Hollywood, apparently there’s a better than average chance he might call for a chat about the man upstairs (that’s God, not Michael Jackson).

- U2

They’re all for their post-modern irony nowadays. But early in their career three-quarters of U2 were committed born-again Christians. The exception was Adam Clayton, who used to sit in the front of the tour bus chugging beer while Bono led a prayer revival out back.

- Low

Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker are life-long Mormons, though they would like it pointed out that this is where any resemblance to The Killers ends.