Friday 23 August 2019

Kay Mellor reveals she was sexually assaulted by unnamed TV executive

She hopes talking about the incident will encourage other women to speak out.

Kay Mellor interview
Kay Mellor interview

By Sherna Noah, Press Association Senior Entertainment Correspondent

TV writer Kay Mellor has revealed she was sexually assaulted earlier in her career.

Mellor, 66, whose credits include Fat Friends, Band Of Gold and new show Love, Lies And Records, said she had kept the incident secret, even from her husband, until now.

She told the Observer she was in her thirties and working as a producer when she was invited to see an unnamed TV executive, who has since died, in his office about developing one of her scripts.

“At first everything was fine” and “I thought he was going to say ‘write up the first episode and we’ll see’ but instead he sat down very close to me, which made me uncomfortable and then lunged at me and tried to kiss me,” Mellor told the newspaper.

“I pulled away and said: ‘I’m sorry, this is not what I’m doing here’ and he replied: ‘Oh really – what did you come up here for then? What did think you were doing?'”

The “gobsmacked” screenwriter said she kept thinking she must have done “something wrong” and as she went to open the door “he said ‘Kay’. I turned around and he’d exposed himself. He stood there looking at me and said: ‘Is this what you want?'”

Mellor said she felt “soiled by the experience” but hopes talking about the incident, at a time when Hollywood and politics have been embroiled in sexual harassment scandals, would encourage other women to speak out.

She regrets not reporting her experience at the time but will not be identifying the alleged attacker, as “naming him once he’s dead does nobody any good”, she said.

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