Saturday 21 September 2019

Katie Price suggests glamour modelling was empowering after sexual abuse

She has previously spoken about being assaulted as a child.

Katie Price
Katie Price

By Julia Hunt, Press Association

Katie Price has said she may have got into glamour modelling to empower herself after suffering sexual abuse.

The model, 39, has previously spoken about being assaulted as a child and has said she was raped by a celebrity.

She told John Bishop on his In Conversation With… show she wonders if becoming a pin-up was a way of telling men: “You can look but you can’t touch.”

She said: “Sometimes I think, did I do the glamour modelling – I don’t know if this is true but this is what I say – as a sign of yeah, men, you can look at me but you can’t have me, as if it’s a rebellious… but I don’t know.”

Price said her family helped her cope and that she did not feel as if she needed counselling.

She said: “I think because I’ve got a strong family and I’m quite open and talk about things that we just all dealt with it and, yeah.

“But not everyone’s like that, and don’t get me wrong, people get affected by things, but that’s why I wonder if that’s why I like to do in the glamour modelling as a, you know, up yours to you men, you can look but you can’t touch.

“But I don’t know. Maybe.”

The star also discussed her relationship with ex-husband Peter Andre on the programme.

She said she thought they might not have split if they had not appeared in so many reality television programmes together.

Price said: “I genuinely loved Pete, genuinely… and I never ever wanted to split with him. But when I look back it wasn’t normal. Everything we did was documented, you know.”

Katie Price and Peter Andre

The star said she initially enjoyed the shows as a way of documenting her and her children’s lives but that it became “unenjoyable”.

Bishop asked what might have happened if she and Andre had stopped the series earlier, and Price replied: “Yeah, we’d have probably stayed together, yeah.”

She went on: “I mean there was other factors in it, but yeah, no, definitely, I didn’t wanna split with him.”

:: John Bishop: In Conversation With Katie Price airs on Thursday at 9pm on W. 

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