Thursday 23 January 2020

Kate Garraway wants to be Hollyoaks baddie after cameo

Kate Garraway is part of the who killed Amy Barnes storyline.

Kate Garraway on Hollyoaks
Kate Garraway on Hollyoaks

By Julia Hunt, Press Association

Kate Garraway has said she would love to return to Hollyoaks as a villain after shooting a cameo on the soap.

The Good Morning Britain presenter’s role in the Channel 4 programme is part of the dramatic who killed Amy Barnes storyline.

Garraway, 50, said it was a great experience.

Kate Garraway on Hollyoaks

“I would love to come back if they will have me,” she said.

“I have always loved the idea of playing a villain!

“Maybe Linda Gray and I could be rivals.”

Garraway admitted she had to work hard to learn her lines.

“As a journalist on shows like Good Morning Britain of course you have to learn the details of stories you are covering and the important facts off by heart, but the precise wording of every line is left to us to adlib,” she explained.

Kate Garraway on Hollyoaks

“But with a script the writers want you to say it exactly as it’s written because they know what is coming next and know the precise wording will lead to a specific plotline developing – so I had to just keep going over and over it again and again in my head until I got it.

“And of course there is the extra pressure of not mucking up because you know your line might be feeding a specific response from another character – so you don’t want to muck it up for them as well.”

Asked whether she had any idea who had killed Amy, Garraway said: “I have absolutely no idea, and that is what I love about Hollyoaks, you never know what is coming next!”

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