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Kate Garraway: It was tough not to see improvement in Derek’s condition

The presenter told Ben Shephard that doctors encouraged her to be positive.


Kate Garraway (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Kate Garraway (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Kate Garraway (Isabel Infantes/PA)

Kate Garraway says she is “desperate” to see improvement in husband Derek Draper’s condition from the effects of coronavirus.

The Good Morning Britain co-host, 53, visited Draper in hospital, where he has been since March.

She told Ben Shephard: “I did go and see Derek yesterday. It was quite a tough visit.

“He’s had a tough couple of weeks and it’s just frustrating.

“It’s (son) Billy’s birthday today so I think I was extra emotional because you think about the day he was born and Derek’s involvement and how much Derek would like to be present. So it’s very emotional.”

But she said doctors told her to remain positive.

“What the doctors said to me is, ‘Sometimes, a day when nothing has gone backwards and nothing has gone wrong is a positive day.’

“It’s a stable day. It’s just I’m desperate for a step forward… but it’s always lovely to see him and it’s wonderful to have the chance to do that,” she said of being able to visit her husband.

On Monday, Garraway said she was at her “absolute limit” after a tyre on her car blew out while she was driving on a motorway.

The presenter was returning to London when she felt as though she was losing control of the vehicle.

“You know people say that God and the universe doesn’t send you what you can’t deal with?

“I’d just like to put a message out: I’m at my limit. I’m at my absolute limit now,” she said.

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