Saturday 19 October 2019

Joe Lycett claims LGBT community has communication problem online

The comedian has said there should be more patience in explaining LGBT issues.

Joe Lycett has spoken about the LGBT community. (Anthony Devlin/PA)
Joe Lycett has spoken about the LGBT community. (Anthony Devlin/PA)

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Joe Lycett has said that the LGBT community has had a problem with communication online.

The comedian and presenter has said that too many demands can be placed on “real people” to understand the shifting academic takes on gender and sexuality.

Lycett, who is pansexual, has underlined the need for members of what he hesitantly called his “community” to be “compassionate” when dealing with those unfamiliar with LGBT concepts.

The renowned sender of bewildering email complaints is using his abilities to help the British public in the upcoming Channel 4 series Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back, speaking on behalf of unfortunate consumers.

Lycett believes that the LGBT community should also try to help the public when they try and learn more about issues of sexuality and gender.

He said: “I’m loathe to call it ‘my community’ but I suppose it is as I am a member of it, can sometimes be guilty of expecting everyone to have done all of the reading and research that members of it have.

“Because lots of LGBTQ people are really smart, and there’s so much really interesting reading that can be done, and so much academic writing that’s been done about it, that people can end up getting quite academic about it, and not actually understanding that real people need to have it explained to them in a way that’s compassionate, and is understanding that there’s quite a lot to take in.

“I did a tweet about LGBTQ+ and someone was saying ‘what’s the + and what’s the Q’ and some people would be like ‘you should educate yourself it’s disgusting, google it’.

“If I asked the question, they would answer it to me, so just try and treat people in the way I expect to be treated myself. So I do think that’s been a problem in our community.”

Lycett is looking to help in his own way by leading the defence of ripped-off consumers on Channel with Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back.

He said: “I’m describing it as a ‘sexy watchdog’ basically. It is a consumer show with a difference.”

Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back starts on Channel 4 on Friday April 5.

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