Monday 19 August 2019

Jason Isaacs praises ‘heroic’ people who speak out first against sexual harassment

The star praised his Star Trek colleague, Anthony Rapp, for making public his claim about Kevin Spacey.

Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs

By Francesca Gosling

Actor Jason Isaacs has praised the “heroic” people who were the first to speak out against sexual harassment in the film industry.

The Harry Potter star particularly lauded his Star Trek colleague, Anthony Rapp, who recently made allegations of misconduct against Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, kicking off a string of complaints against the actor.

Isaacs told ITV’s Lorraine: “(Anthony) is a very lovely guy and he did this thing by himself before many other people.

“He heard many rumours, he hoped that other stories would come out in a couple of days, but they didn’t, and now they have.

“Now there’s a whole flood of them. It’s all down to him and we are all incredibly proud.

“Speaking out against power takes a lot of guts and the first person to speak out is heroic.”

His comments came days after Rapp, 46, publicly shared an account of a historical experience with Spacey, where he claimed that the star behaved in a sexually inappropriate way towards him.

He then tweeted: “I came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out.”

Following Rapp’s account, Spacey tweeted an apology, and sparked criticism for announcing he had chosen to “live as a gay man” in the same statement.

Rapp’s story has since been followed by similar allegations from other male actors.

Isaacs, 54, plays Captain Gabriel Lorca in this year’s revamp of the much-loved sci-fi series, Star Trek: Discovery, alongside Rapp’s portrayal of Paul Stamets.

Isaacs said: “It’s a show of our time, for our time. It’s a darker series.”

Now broadcast on online streaming service Netflix, which automatically plays one episode after another, Isaacs joked: “It’s a gateway drug, that’s how they lock you in, that’s how the world is coming to an end – we’re all just going to sit and watch Netflix.”

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