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It isn't Oasis without Noel

Let's face it, we all expected special arrangements if Oasis ever took to the stage again. We knew we'd be looking at separate dressing rooms, hotels and buses to the gig for Liam and Noel.

What no one expected was no Noel. But that's what they're talking about now. A rumour emerged this week suggesting that everyone's favourite lad-band are planning a reunion without everyone's favourite lad. Noel was to be excluded. It's a bit like Ringo Starr announcing that he has plans to reform the Beatles, but Paul McCartney won't be involved. Good luck with that, we won't be saying to Liam, because he's known for his short fuse.

In fairness, none of this has been confirmed by either Gallagher. It could be just another shot in their cold war to keep both of them in the news. But it does raise a serious question. Do we really want to see Oasis back together, even with Noel on board? The band was always about being young, restless and out of your mind. It made sense when they sang Live Forever over 20 years ago. Now? Not so much. Any Oasis reunion would just involve a lot of dad dancing and people leaving before the encore because the baby-sitter costs extra after midnight. It would be about as Rock and Roll as playing bingo while watching Nationwide. And without Noel, it would just be Rock and Roll Ridiculous. So leave us with our memories. We've all moved on.

Pat Fitzptrick

Sunday Independent