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I’m A Celeb stars minus Nick Knowles enjoy feast after successful trial

Rita Simons, John Barrowman and James McVey collected 10 of 11 flags.

Nick Knowles sacrificed himself to allow his fellow I’m A Celebrity contestants to enjoy a luxury meal (Ian West/PA)
Nick Knowles sacrificed himself to allow his fellow I’m A Celebrity contestants to enjoy a luxury meal (Ian West/PA)

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Nick Knowles sacrificed his share of food to allow his fellow I’m A Celebrity contestants to enjoy a luxury meal.

The DIY SOS host insisted the rest of the team eat without him after ex-EastEnders star Rita Simons, Torchwood actor John Barrowman and The Vamps singer James McVey failed to grab all 11 flags during a Bushtucker Trial.

The trio had collected 10 when Barrowman came agonisingly close to grabbing the final flag and ensuring everyone sat down to a roast dinner.

During Monday’s episode, he offered to be the one to miss out but Knowles won the argument and watched as the other stars left camp.

Nick Knowles went without a luxury meal on I’m A Celebrity (Ian West/PA)

The quest began with an abseil challenge and each star found themselves perched over the edge of a cliff before being tasked with lowering themselves down and retrieving a flag.

Each flag represented a seat at the feast later in the evening.

McVey went first and overcame his nervousness to collect the flag. He was followed by Simons, who screamed as she took her first tentative step backwards.

After grabbing the flag, she said: “I absolutely hated that, my legs are like jelly.”

Lastly, Barrowman went over the cliff edge and retrieved the flag quickly, leaving the team with 62 minutes and 45 seconds to compete the rest of the task.

Next, the trio found themselves outside a cave. There were two chains, with a padlock at the end of one.

After following one of the chains around, they found it went into the mouth of the narrow cave, meaning Simons had to crawl inside and untangle it from a rock – and take the flag.

The team then had to undo knots to free the next flag. They retrieved both flags leaving them with 43 minutes 21 seconds left to complete the quest.

Next they were taken to a river, donning life jackets before jumping in a raft and paddling to the middle of the water.

Three flags were up for grabs at this stage. Simons and Barrowman stayed in the raft while McVey swam alongside.

Former EastEnders star Rita Simons took part in a Bushtucker Trial (Yui Mok/PA)

They collected the first two flags – strung on ropes – before Barrowman had to dive underwater for the third.

Finally, Simons, Barrowman and McVey were confronted with a zipwire challenge for the final three flags.

Each celebrity had to traverse down the wire and grab a flag, working quickly as they only had seven minutes remaining.

McVey managed to grab his, followed quickly by Simons.

Barrowman went last. Feeling the pressure, he said to himself: “Now I just have to do it. One star left, it’s all down to me and no pressure whatsoever.”

As he leapt off the ledge shouting “Barrowman!” he desperately grabbed at the final star but missed by inches, meaning one campmate would go without a meal.

A dejected Barrowman offered to be the one to miss out, but after returning to camp Knowles insisted he should give up his place at the table.

He said: “In anticipation of this I’ve been thinking about it all day and as I’ve been in the unenviable position of not being able to help around the camp the decision is really easy.”

Barrowman replied: “I missed the star and you guys got the full thing (in their trial).”

But Knowles would not back down and the group hugged him before leaving to go for their luxury meal – a roast dinner with chicken and roast beef, complete with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, vegetables and salads.

Simons said: “This is like a fantasy.”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! continues on ITV.

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