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'I'll peel the egg off my face,' says Ryan Tubridy after Julia Roberts hoax


Ryan Tubridy with his signed photo of Julia Roberts.

Ryan Tubridy with his signed photo of Julia Roberts.

Ryan Tubridy with his signed photo of Julia Roberts.

Ryan Tubridy has said he is going to "peel the egg" off his face after discovering the autographed picture of Julia Roberts he recently received was not actually from the actress but a prankster.

The RTE host received a short letter claiming to be from the Pretty Woman star, which said she had an Irish assistant who was named Sean McCormack.

He had told her that Ryan was a huge fan of her work, prompting her to send him a photo of herself in thanks.

The letter read: "Hi Ryan, it's Julia Roberts here. I believe you're a fan of my work and my assistant is an Irish person and said maybe you'd like the enclosed photograph."

Roberts-gate, Part II...The accompanying letter...#curiouserandcuriouser

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The team at Ryan's radio show also received a DVD copy of Julia's film Eat Pray Love a few days after the hoax letter.

They tried to track down the sender, who had an address in San Francisco, and even found the condo where the person had lived.

However, the Hollywood actress's attorney from the firm Hirsch Wallerstein Hayum Matlof & Fishman confirmed in a statement to The Daily Edge that the letter Ryan received was a hoax and Julia does not have an Irish assistant.

Ryan shared the news that Sean McCormack does not exist with listeners on 2fm's Breakfast Republic and admitted it was a "good" joke.

"I was totally and utterly catfished. Whoever cracked that joke all the way from the States, you got me," he said "It was good. And I'm just going to peel this egg off my face now."

The Late Late Show host had his own suspicions that the sender of the letter might be a prankster.

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"This isn't written by a serial killer. I said, 'Does anyone know who this guy Sean McCormack is?'. The final egg of the omelette that might have made it too much was the copy of Eat Pray Love," he said.

"We were trying to find this McCormack, personal assistant. We even found the condo. It was all so clever and mad.

"I didn't know whether it was either a complete joke or whether he was working with Julia Roberts, which I thought was an option. Or was it somebody who was completely taking the mick? As it turns out, it was the latter."

The firm's statement read: "We are confirming that Ms Roberts is not sending any letters and/or autographs to Mr Tubridy or his radio station, nor does Ms Roberts have an assistant by the name of Sean McCormack. Hence, it appears that Mr Tubridy is the victim of a hoax."

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