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Ian Hislop would love to satirise American politics on Saturday Night Live


The satirist thanked the world of politics for his business boom.

Broadcaster and comedian Ian Hislop has said he would happily swap jobs for a week with US show Saturday Night Live for the chance to take a satirical swipe at Donald Trump.

The Private Eye editor described American entertainment media as being on “incredibly funny form” thanks to the country’s current political climate.

Speaking backstage at the Television and Radio Industries Club (Tric) Awards at London’s Grosvenor House on Tuesday, he told the Press Association: “It (US television) is on incredibly funny form at the moment and Trump hates it.

“That’s what you want as a satirist, for your target to say ‘this isn’t funny’, and then you’ve won.”

The journalist, who said his satirical magazine had been experiencing a significant sales boost recently, also thanked UK political figures for providing the British press with similar material.

“We’re all benefiting from this spike in news,” he said.

“People want to be cheered up, so anything with a slight hint of cheeriness in it will go down well.

“The other thing is people are very uncertain about what to believe – the rise of fake news and the idea that everything is spun, the feeling that people are only hearing the news they want to hear.

“So if you are in the business of providing un-spun news, then it’s a very good time.”

Commenting on the refreshed row over Scottish independence, he added: “Referendums are really helpful, aren’t they?

“More campaigns, more spins, more people really not telling the truth in the hope of persuading people.”

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