Saturday 24 March 2018

Virgo personality profile

Sarah Delamere Hurding

Mercury, ruler of Virgo, enhances mind power, empowering both intuition and logical thought. Sun signs ruled by this energy usually have staggering intellectual capacity. Mercury enables its people to see around corners, and to cover all aspects of an argument. This planet is thorough, brilliant, and leaves no stone unturned.

Mercury facilitates the decision making progress, propelling us towards conclusions. Whether by logic or intuition, Mercury allows for optimum mind function. Those ruled by Mercury possess the inside track to swift resolution. Some situations need the clear, sharp discipline of logic, or lateral thought. Whilst others cut to the chase with a searing and impressive intuition. Mercury wins either way.


Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. The keynote of this Earth Goddess is “I serve”. Supposedly modest, shy and prudish, Virgo has a reputation for being the cool, aloof zodiac Virgin. Nothing could be further from the truth. Virgo’s links to harvest, fertility, and female goddess energy conjure up a suitably prolific image.

Virgo is perhaps the zodiac’s best kept secret. This sign is right about most things - Much to the infuriation of those who think they know best. Many little oracles are born under Virgo! The combination of intuition, logic, and grounded sensibility make Virgo a formidable opponent indeed.

Virgo has tunnel vision when focused. And is inclined to get caught up in the intricacies of an argument. Virgo is innately intelligent. But an over cautious attitude to life is a potential problem. Virgo waits for life to happen. Or rather, life happens whilst Virgo sits there, observes, takes notes, then probably writes about it!

Typically, Virgo finds it difficult to engage in the fray. The zodiac Virgin is not inclined to ‘put it out there’. Consequently gets overlooked much of the time. But given a chance to shine by being ASKED. And Virgo quickly outwits the competition.

Virgo is a practical Earth sign with an answer for everything. Virgo pays attention to detail and gets results. However this little worrier is inclined to miss the bigger picture fretting about inconsequential nonsense.

Virgo is no great chatterbox. But can knock the socks off anyone in an argument. When The Virgin speaks, it means something. There is a purpose to every Virgo action, thought, word and deed. Here we have the zodiac workaholic who makes every second count.

If you are Virgo, be mindful of your intimidating intelligence. You have the ability to ‘blind with science’ and few can match you. Because you are usually right, you may inspire jealousy. So stay silent rather than alienate the world. One thing is for sure…Your searing intuition ensures your impact as a weapon of massive distraction!

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