Saturday 21 April 2018

Virgo love

Virgo finds it difficult to believe that anyone would fall for them. Highly self-critical, Virgo likes to offer perfection only so if they feel inadequate in any area – not slim, tall or cute enough – they will take some persuading!

The irony is that Virgo is often quite stunning and others fail to understand where the reluctance to engage comes from.

Virgo often gets called aloof, snobby, or unattainable but a smug Virgo is a rare creature indeed. If you want to woo and win a Virgo plenty of reassurance about your genuine intentions will be needed.

Virgo modesty can be a problem in the bedroom but what is rarely reported is that when The Virgin gets into gear, he/she is earthy and passionate. Once committed Virgo is loyal and faithful. Even if the physical aspect of a relationship has diminished, Virgo will not stray.

If you are a Virgo, be careful not to project your issues onto your partners and loved ones. Modify your expectations of people, places and things for sanity’s sake. Learn to accept others on their own merit and appreciate the positive aspect of doing things differently. You can not expect to realistically control the proceedings from dawn to dusk, so chill.


Taurus and Virgo fulfil each other’s wildest dreams! Cancer has the full-on sensuality Virgo needs. Virgo and Virgo are liable to drive each other wild with desire, but mad with frustration. Pisces is highly charged with oodles of sex appeal. Whilst Scorpio is suitably sexy, minus the control issues. Aries is a loose canon, without stability. Similarly, Gemini is exciting company but as for life long commitment, forget it! Aquarius understands but gets exasperated when Virgo is right. Libra is funny, irresistible and hard work. Leo and Sagittarius are OK for a fling.

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