Monday 16 September 2019

Taurus Health

Taureans have a natural grace and beauty that often inspires jealousy in others but your love of food makes you prone to weight gain if you are not careful. Rich foods are the ‘bug bear’ of your existence so go easy on the sauces, chocolate and sweets. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will keep your system revved up and working more efficiently.

Exercise is crucial for Taurus as your metabolism is rather slow. You also respond well to a regular gym routine. The repetitive movements of weight training suit you and you can expect good results quite quickly. Taurus loves the after glow of a sensuous massage and sauna but the discipline of the workout must come first.

Taurus is connected to the voice and neck so do guard against sore throats and voice problems. Also keep an eye on thyroid function especially if you notice weight gain you cannot account for - be honest about the cream buns whilst making your assessment!

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