Sunday 22 September 2019

Sagittarius Health

Summer time brings endless possibilities, which suits you down to the ground. You have boundless energy so should get sufficient exercise even when you are trying to unwind.

Don’t let the summer sun fire you up beyond the point of no return. Cool it & be especially careful with your heart & emotions. Access the good times & seek out fresh, unusual entertainment. Eastern methods of channeling surplus energy are recommended. Tai Chi, yoga and martial arts fulfill your philosophical bent whilst calming the system.

Remember that a sensible diet is crucial to your equilibrium so watch those Tequilas! Sagittarius rules the hips and the thighs so the consumption of junk quickly shows in all the wrong places. Fresh fruit is good for you plus extra vitamins and minerals will help settle your system after over indulgence. Avoid sugar; never mind the ice creams! Aim to eat high protein energy foods even when your appetite fails in the heat. Sagittarius can be clumsy so watch your step in all things this summer.

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