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Monday 23 April 2018

Capricorn love

Sarah Delamere Hurding

Capricorn is cautious in matters of the heart. The Goat needs to find its feet and tends to warm up slowly. Once committed, Capricorn remains steadfast and true. Since few can match The Goat’s devotion and loyalty, it is advisable for Capricorn to ditch the control issues. For when Capricorn develops an open attitude to feelings and emotions, anything can happen.

Capricorn often holds back for fear of rejection. Trust is the key plus a willingness to make mistakes occasionally. When the Goat falls in love it is usually for keeps. For when this Earth sign surrenders, their amour is already smitten. Capricorn is not a great risk taker and does not act on impulse, which is good protection of course but can mean that Capricorn misses out on all the fun!

The Goat is a sure thing, who expects as much in return. Fair enough! But if you are Capricorn do unwind. Also watch that tendency to penny pinch. You do not wish to come across mean spirited. It is not a crime to spend money. But missing out on romantic dinners, presents and gestures of affection is! Down to earth as you are, let go. Loosen purse and heart strings, just a little.


Fellow Earth signs Taurus and Virgo bring passion and practicality…the ideal mix for Capricorn. Pisces is adoring and malleable – very useful. But Cancer may be overly emotional. Aries is simply too hot to handle – great for a fling, if you dare have one! Scorpio likes to be in control. As does fellow Capricorn - an inevitable clash waiting to happen. Libra is simply too different. And Aquarius has to get its way – a recipe for disaster. Gemini is way too wild and challenging for Capricorn. And Sagittarius is dangerously impulsive. Opportunistic signs need not apply!

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