Saturday 24 August 2019

Cancer love

Cancer thrives on the nurturing possibilities of love connections but strong and powerful emotions should be monitored or the Crab risks overwhelming the object of their affection.

Cancer is a true romantic who enjoys being wooed and seduced. However, ‘cosiness’ may set in if the urge to nurture and protect takes precedence. Crabs should maintain their independence and so guarantee a lifetime of intensity and passion.

If you are Cancer, be flexible within your relationships and allow for development and change. Protect yourself or you may feel left behind and abandoned when love moves on. Respect freedom. There is no point drowning someone in kindness. Besides your wonderfully warm sensuality and ability to ‘tune in’ will keep them coming back for more.

You are an expressive and brilliant lover. Guard your heart though, for you are quite sensitive and susceptible. Always make sure that your affections are reciprocated, before you get in too deep.

Temper the urge to be overly sentimental about the past, for this may hamper your progress in the present. Current relationships do not respond well to a persistent potted history of past encounters. For sanity’s sake, discard those rose tinted spectacles.


A fellow Crab is a match made in heaven, whilst Virgo is a stabilising influence and support. Scorpio is a whirlwind in the bedroom and Pisces is a lot of fun with a wicked sense of humour. Taurus is a compelling partner though there will be differences of opinion! Capricorn is reliable and steady but on balance is probably too austere and cold. Leo will get distracted and not be able to give full time attention. Gemini is too flirty, though shares a sense of humour. Air signs do not measure up.

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