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Review: Scissor Sisters, Olympia, Dublin

SINCE making their Irish debut in the Village in 2003, Scissor Sisters have taken Ireland to their hearts, even flaunting their Irish roots with a tricolour in the video for their breakthrough single 'Laura'.

Of course, the gruesome killing of Farah Swaleh Noor in 2005 by Linda and Charlotte Mulhall earned the convicted killers the nickname of the Scissor Sisters.

And when the band last headlined the old Point, they announced that they'd like the Mulhalls to become their backing singers. Tonight, mistress of ceremonies Ana Matronic again mentions the controversy onstage. As it happens, both of tonight's backing singers come from Dublin.

It's easy to forget just how outrageous Scissor Sisters are, and I'd forgotten that Ana Matronic is a total babe. She's the perfect foil for the campness of Jake Shears, together forming one of the best double acts in pop.

The Olympia is an intimate show for a band of their stature, poised for their comeback with the imminent release of 'Night Work', and tonight they showcase new material alongside their stomping anthems.

Even though it's not quite as good as some of their classics, the lead single 'Fire With Fire' should see them keep their grip on the airwaves. Meanwhile, a great new song entitled 'Skin Tight' is dedicated to Jake's boyfriend as they celebrate their sixth anniversary.

"I think we've got re-acquainted," purrs Ana Matronic seductively to a rabid reaction from a full house. For the encores, they press the switch labelled 'hit single stun gun' and deliver riotous run-throughs of 'Comfortably Numb' -- perhaps the best Pink Floyd cover of all time -- and the cheeky 'Filthy Gorgeous'.

It's a sensational show, complete with blinding laser lights and a power pop punk rock attitude that is theirs and theirs alone. Welcome back, Scissor Sisters. We've missed you.

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