Friday 15 November 2019

Review: David McSavage

Vicar Street, Dublin

Eamon Sweeney

Eamon Sweeney

SATIRIST, stand-up and street performer David McSavage may be the brother of former Fianna Fail TD Barry Andrews and first cousin of Ryan Tubridy, but he's the last man on earth to suck up to his high-profile relatives.

Both come in for a savaging. Ryan gets a roasting for his young fogey persona, with McSavage branding him a "skinny p***k".

Meanwhile, David claims that brother Barry was always the favourite son. He certainly doesn't appear to display much sympathy over Barry recently losing his seat.

This is bread and butter stuff for a comic that has consistently proven to be an agent provocateur. McSavage recently rose to prominence thanks to the sharp and often hilarious satire of his successful TV series 'The Savage Eye'. Despite this achievement, David lampoons being critically acclaimed, pouring scorn on other shows that get higher ratings.

If this all sounds like he's a bit of a depressive crank, then it must be said that more often than not McSavage is brilliantly and wickedly funny. His Pat Kenny impersonation and anecdotes about being a 'Late Late Show' warm-up are absolutely priceless.

Despite frequent bouts of being borderline obnoxious, McSavage comes across as a likeable fellow. He is viciously self-deprecating, and employs the trick of using a persona to articulate some of his more risque and quite frankly unrepeatable material. It's a vast improvement from shows in previous years that could be frustratingly hit or miss.

McSavage's low-key but effective stage manner, gently strumming a guitar as he departs on numerous flights of whimsy, works brilliantly. His laid-back and laconic style provides a nice contrast to the screaming egomaniacs one often encounters at stand-up shows. McSavage has unexpectedly come out of the cold of perpetually being an outsider, and has somehow graduated into Irish comedy's small elite.

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