‘Give me ten minutes or I’m leaving’ – Duncan Stewart has meltdown on live radio

Duncan Stewart: “I'm at an age that if I don't do something at a more serious level then I'm going to regret it."

Brian O'Reilly

FORMER RTE presenter and environmentalist Duncan Stewart threatened to walk out of a live radio interview – unless he was given ten minutes to speak.

The bizarre interview was broadcast on the Newstalk Breakfast show this morning.

The former ‘About the House’ host was appearing on the show to criticise the media for its coverage of climate change.

However just minutes into the interview he became annoyed as host Shane Coleman attempted to interrupt him:

“How much time have I got? Tell me how much time I’ve got. Do you want me to talk here? Then tell me how much time I’ve got.

“I want to know, I’ve a lot to say here. I can walk out of this studio this minute if you wish, unless you tell me how much time I’ve got. Do I have to go to another radio station to say it.”

Coleman attempted to calm the situation and asked him to continue the discussion, however Stewart continued:

“I don’t think I want to stay here. If I’ve only seven minutes I’m not staying. It’s not worth my time, I’m going to go to another station. There’s plenty of people that want to hear.

“Give me ten minutes or I’m not staying in the studio,” he said.

Coleman eventually agreed to give him the ten minutes airtime he demanded.

LISTEN TO AUDIO HERE (audio clip courtesy of NewsTalk)

The former RTE presenter went on to sharply criticised all sections of media, claiming climate change was not being covered properly.

“All of the media is being irresponsible about climate change. It is unequivocal that climate change is real, and it’s happening now.

“We knew tobacco smoke was damaging health yet the deniers were allowed to keep the confusion and doubt going for years, and millions of people died in that time.

“The truth is we’re facing the biggest we’ve ever faced as humans beings. It is going to have devastating effects.

“The media don’t seem to get it, they don’t seem to read the science.

“If there was a programme about the holocaust, would we give equal time to holocaust deniers?

He also refused to confirm rumours that he was going to run in the European elections, however did admit he was considering options.

“I have three or four options at the moment, and I will make a decision in the coming days, whether I do or I don’t.

“I want to build consensus in the country. I want to make sure Europe and Ireland engages.

He also admitted that he would run as an independent – despite suggestions he would run for the Green Party.

“If I go into politics, even European politics, I know my future is going to be very different – I’m going into a dirty business.

“I know it’s going to be dirty. I know people are going to knock me and going to judge me."

He said that if he ran it would be to represent the 745,000 people who watched his show - as no candidate currently represented them.