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GBBO’s James blames Paul Hollywood for his poor puds

The banker joked that he was led astray by Hollywood’s own recipe.


The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake Off’s James has jokingly blamed judge Paul Hollywood for his pudding failure after being booted from the show.

The self-proclaimed “bald, baking banker” became the fifth hopeful to be eliminated from the Channel 4 competition on Tuesday night’s episode after a series of unfortunate offerings.

While there were issues with both his signature and show-stopper desserts, his chocolate and peanut butter puddings in the technical were described by judge Prue Leith as “raw”.

It came as a blow to the 46-year old dad who appeared confident before the challenge having cooked the recipe – an invention of Hollywood’s – before.

But while the judges said during the show that the puddings would take 10 minutes in the oven for the perfect consistency, James insisted that the real recipe recommended only eight minutes.

Speaking on spin-off show An Extra Slice on Thursday, he told presenter Jo Brand: “I blame Paul Hollywood to this day.”

Remembering his pre-recorded experience in the big white tent, he also joked that Leith “scared” him even more than the time he was captured while working as a Royal Navy diver.

But there were no hard feelings, as he said of Hollywood: “He does have a good laugh with everyone. When I was making caramel brittle, he kept coming over and pinching my nuts.”

He also told how he has kept a close relationship with all the contestants and said that they still keep in regular contact, months after the show was filmed.

Describing them all as “geeks”, he teased that the pressure in the tent often made it feel “like a hostage situation… but with cake”.

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