Friday 23 February 2018

XBox One: Five must-play launch games

Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the key launch titles for Xbox One
Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the key launch titles for Xbox One
The Xbox One console
Frank Whelan

Frank Whelan

The Xbox One launches today in Ireland, so we've picked five top games from across the genres.

Battlefield 4

The online-mulitplayer king of combat will be an essential purchase for any first-person-shooter fan, keen to prove their skills. We've opted for Battlefield 4 over COD:Ghosts here because of the multiplayer hours. An argument which causes war in its own right, Call of Duty games can't compete with the epic 64-player battles in Battlefield 4. The visuals are stunning and worthy of a new console, and you'll be hard pressed to find more satisfying gun sounds.


Dead Rising 3

Few games are unique enough to create their own genre, but the original Dead Rising did just that, capturing large scale open world zombie survival adventure. The third offering is back, refining the formula, but keeping all of the key selling points. You're a man in a city full of zombies, so so many zombies. The true joy of Dead Rising games has always come from fighting zombies in often hilarious ways, and with over 300 weapons, this game delivers. Inventiveness rewards you with hilarious animations and results, for example the hero can turn a leaf blower into a gun to shoot sex toys at the slow moving zombies. While not the prettiest game on the Xbox One, this will certainly keep you entertained and coming back to pelt some hapless zombies with tennis balls.

Dead Rising 3 zombies cross over Manhattan Bridge as they head to Best Buy Theater in Times Square for the launch of Xbox One
Dead Rising 3 zombies cross over Manhattan Bridge as they head to Best Buy Theater in Times Square for the launch of Xbox One


Forza Motorsport 5

This is a racing game at its finest, celebrating cars and the art of racing. Over 200 cars are intricately modelled, and cover a wide range, including American muscle, F1, rally and even moderately priced modern saloons. The performance between the different models is very noticeable, and will take some quality gameplay hours to master them all. The visuals are fantastic, again highly detailed, with light glinting off chrome detailing and rubber flecks appearing around wheel arches. If you've any interest in racing games, this is a must.


Killer Instinct

The original Killer Instinct was a hit on the N64, back in the golden age of Rare. Developer Double Helix have taken over the brand and updated, keeping all those fond memories intact with a pure and brilliant fighting experience. On the surface, you wonder why this game is so good. There are only six characters and to the casual observer it could be just another 1v1 fighting game. The joy here comes from the gameplay. The original game was famous for insane combos, which is kept here, and the small numbers of characters means each is perfectly balanced with greatly different play styles. If you ever found yourself playing way too much Streetfighter, or you pride yourself on lighting fast reactions, then this is a delight.


Ryse - Son of Rome

This game doesn't re-invent the wheel, but it does add platinum diamond-studded hub caps. This is the big launch title that Microsoft used to wow people before the launch. You play a Roman soldier, battling various enemies as your story unfolds. It is visually amazing and really shows off the machine's power. While the game is quite entertaining in a hack-n-slash way, it lacks originality and variety. Equate this with a summer blockbuster, all spectacle and special effects. This is one you'll play, smiling at how powerful your new machine is, but once finished it'll only be brought out to quieten down a Playstation 4-owning chum. 


Also worth a play: NBA 2k14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are both great. Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the latest update in the quality Lego games series and a great one for family fun when gore is inappropriate.

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