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Wednesday 25 April 2018

Take our 100-question quiz of the major events of 2014

Bored with bingo? Sick of charades? Monopoly getting monotonous?

Garth Brooks
Garth Brooks
Former Olympian Kenny Egan was elected as a councillor for which political party?
Which toy sent shivers down parents’ spines as shops completely sold out ahead of Christmas?
Who replaced Leo Varadkar as Minister for Transport in the Cabinet reshuffle?
Who did David Moyes omit to thank during his parting statement at Manchester United?
What percentage of people voted No in the Scottish independence referendum

Take our 100-question quiz to find out, as we remember the major events of 2014

Then try the Irish Independent News Quiz of 2015, for the ultimate in after-dinner, pre-snooze entertainment this Christmas Day:

1) Who missed the long-range free in the All Ireland Hurling final that would have snatched a win for Tipperary?

2) Who was the first witness to appear before the Oireachtas Banking Inquiry last week?

3) What is the name of U2's latest album, which infuriated some when it appeared for free on their iTunes accounts?

4) Where did the Fine Gael Ard Fheis take place in March?

5) How many council seats did Fine Gael lose in the May local elections?

6) In which month did Joan Burton become leader of the Labour Party?

7) Whose controversial letters to former Finance Minister Brian Lenihan were made public in November?

8) Name the current Rose of Tralee who this year spoke out about being gay?

9) Which sitting TD was arrested by the PSNI in April of this year?

10) How many shows did Garth Brooks want to play in Croke Park?

11) Who scored Ireland's first try of this year's Six Nations campaign?

12) And who scored the final try as Ireland clinched the title in Paris?

13) What percentage of people voted No in the Scottish independence referendum?

14) There was controversy when John McNulty was appointed to the board of which body?

15) Brian O'Driscoll and Amy Huberman welcomed a son this November - what is his name?

16) Which US band will rock Slane next summer?

17) Who did Kilkenny beat in the semis to reach the All-Ireland hurling final?

18) Who replaced Leo Varadkar as Minister for Transport in the Cabinet reshuffle?

19) Which toy sent shivers down parents' spines as shops completely sold out ahead of Christmas?

20) The Ansbacher accounts were back in the news - where were these offshore accounts based?

21) Which care home was at the centre of an RTE investigation which alleged abuse of residents?

22) What was the final score when Ireland played Gibraltar in the Euro 2016 qualifier at the Aviva Stadium?

23) Aer Lingus chief executive Christoph Mueller is taking over at which airline?

24) Which TD staged a Dail sit-in lasting nearly four hours?

25) St Mel's Cathedral in Longford reopened this month after a devastating fire in which year?

26) Ireland was battered by heavy winds in October as the tail end of which hurricane hit?

27) Who is the head of Irish Water?

28) In which city did George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin get married?

29) Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki announced their engagement on New Year's Day. In what month did the engagement end?

30) French President Francois Hollande's relationship broke up after he allegedly had an affair with an actress. Who was she?

31) Roy Keane hit the headlines repeatedly in 2014, but possibly the most controversial moment was a row at a hotel in which Dublin suburb?

32) Former Olympian Kenny Egan was elected as a councillor for which political party?

33) Angela Kerins was in the news a lot in 2014 because she headed which body?

34) Name the two garda whistleblowers who won People of the Year Awards?

35) How many children did Peaches Geldof have when she passed away?

36) Labour took the Environment portfolio from Fine Gael in a Cabinet reshuffle: what did FG get in return?

37) Which retired judge was appointed to investigate allegations of bugging at the office of the GSOC?

38) Which GAA star was attacked with a hurley by a pitch invader during a match this year?

39) Which superstar couple jetted into Ireland for a honeymoon?

40) Which economist who famously predicted the housing crash returned to the news with a warning about SMEs?

41) Which online dare craze was linked to the deaths of several teenagers this year?

42) Which band with an Irish member were this year named the 'Richest Britons Under 30?'

43) Who was accused of using a "nasty expletive" during a Dail debate on water charges?

44) Which Co Galway town was at the centre of a scandal about child skeletons buried in a septic tank?

45) What nationality is rugby star Tommy Bowe's beauty queen fiancée?

46) How much did Sean Dunne give his wife Gayle Killilea for her "love and affection" in 2005, according to evidence at US bankruptcy proceedings?

47) Which convicted gangster was shot four times and survived, in a gun attack shortly following his release from prison?

48) Which senior civil servant made an infamous house call to the former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan shortly before he announced his retirement?

49) Which teaching union was dogged by reports of infighting at its conference?

50) Aer Lingus staff prompted travel chaos by going on strike in which month?

51) Wi-fi at which coffee shop was blamed for anomalies at GSOC headquarters?

52) Which TD resigned in March following revelations about inappropriate Facebook messages?

53) Donald Trump's Doonbeg golf plans were handicapped by which species?

54) What did Ian Paisley reportedly tell Tony Blair upon hearing of his conversion to Catholicism?

55) What was the number of the Malaysian airlines flight that vanished with 239 passengers on board?

56) Who did David Moyes omit to thank during his parting statement at Manchester United?

57) Under Government plans, children will get free GP care under which age?

58) What type of upwardly-mobile firm was David Drumm spotted working for in the USA in April?

59) Which two naval ships led a multi-million cocaine bust off the Irish coast in September?

60) What was the name of Mick Jagger's partner who tragically passed away this year?

61) GAA matches became pay-to-view for the first time in a deal with which channel?

62) Bono's daughter Eve Hewson used to pretend her father had which job in order to avoid attention at school?

63) Supermodel Kate Moss celebrated which landmark birthday this year?

64) Which currency suffered huge instability in December, putting markets on edge?

65) Which legendary RTE sports presenter retired this year?

66) The new Gaeltacht Minister, Joe McHugh, was in the headlines for what reason shortly following his appointment?

67) Which RTE newsreader got hitched to partner Terry Gill last June?

68) Which US investor struck a lucrative deal with VHI last summer?

69) Name the former chief executive of the Central Remedial Clinic which found itself at the centre of controversy this year?

70) Who shook hands with Queen Elizaberth in a historic act of reconciliation at Stormont?

71) Which former Grand Slam-winning rugby captain died in November this year?

72) Which RTE cooking show was reportedly axed after going off the boil?

73) Which Dublin singer was hailed a hero twice for rescuing two men from a river, and months later helping a woman who was mugged?

74) What's the name of Tony O'Reilly's Kildare estate which was put on the market for €30m-plus?

75) Which model survived a horrific crash when her car flipped over on a motorway in the UK?

76) In which month did Alan Shatter resign as Justice Minister?

77) Which prominent High Court judge retired in September this year?

78) Brian O'Driscoll's autobiography revealed that he had been arrested in which American city?

79) Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to how many years in jail for the killing of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp?

80) What was the name of the pub owned by a former Irish rugby international that was forced to close in October?

81) Which historic GAA venue was sold in September?

82) Sydney was plunged into terror this month after a gunman instigated a siege at which coffee shop?

83) Trinity College Dublin students were forced to move from some dorms because of which pest?

84) What is the estimated cost of the Oireachtas banking inquiry?

85) Alisha Hessler hit headlines in September after undergoing which kind of unusual cosmetic surgery?

86) Which 'Desperate Housewife' attended the Web Summit in Dublin?

87) How much were water charges capped at for a single adult household in November?

88) Dublin Zoo was in court after a child was attacked by which herbivorous animal?

89) Which high profile couple announced they had split on the Friday before Christmas?

90) Which controversial social media site announced its move to Ireland despite being linked to several teen suicides?

91) Which European country was in the spotlight for its tax arrangements with major companies including Glanbia?

92) Name the whistle-blower who reignited interest in the Ansbacher accounts controversy?

93) Which singer was arrested following an alleged air rage incident onboard an Aer Lingus flight?

94) Which businessman will return to work at the business he previously built into a multi-billion industrial and insurance group?

95) The ambassador to which country offered to intervene in the Garth Brooks row last summer?

96) What was the name of the gay bull that was rescued from slaughter by Hollywood producer Sam Simon?

97) What will Met Eirean start naming from next year?

98) What is the name of the latest Michael Flatley production coming to Dublin next year?

99) Which political patriarch passed away in December?

100) Bono needed surgery to repair six breaks in which bone following a bicycle accident in New York?


1) John Bubbles O'Dwyer

2) Peter Nyberg

3) Songs of Innocence

4) RDS in Dublin

5) 105

6) July

7) Jean Claude Trichet

8) Maria Walsh

9) Gerry Adams

10) Five

11) Andrew Trimble

12) Jonathan Sexton

13) 55pc

14) IMMA, or the Irish Museum of Modern Art

15) Billy O'Driscoll

16) Foo Fighters

17) Limerick

18) Paschal Donohoe

19) The Disney 'Frozen' Elsa Snow Glow doll

20) The Cayman Islands

21) Aras Attracta

22) 7-0

23) Malaysia Airlines

24) Mary Lou McDonald

25) 2009

26) Gonzalo

27) John Tierney

28) Venice

29) May

30) Julie Gayet

31) Portmarnock

32) Fine Gael

33) Rehab

34) John Wilson and Maurice McCabe

35) Two

36) Foreign Affairs

37) John Cooke

38) Paul Galvin

39) Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

40) Morgan Kelly

41) Neck Nomination

42) One Direction

43) Alan Kelly

44) Tuam

45) Welsh

46) €100m

47) John Gilligan

48) Brian Purcell

49) TUI

50) May

51) Insomnia

52) Patrick Nulty

53) A protected snail

54) "You are a fool"

55) MH370

56) The players

57) Under six

58) A scaffolding firm

59) LE Niamh and LE Roisin

60) L'Wren Scott

61) Sky Sports

62) Doctor

63) Fortieth

64) The rouble

65) Bill O'Herlihy

66) He could not speak Irish fluently

67) Aengus MacGrianna

68) Warren Buffet

69) Paul Kiely

70) Martin McGuinness

71) Dr Jack Kyle

72) Celebrity Masterchef

73) Damien Dempsey

74) Castlemartin

75) Nadia Forde

76) August

77) Barry White

78) New York

79) Five

80) Clohessy's in Limerick

81) Hayes Hotel, Thurles, birthplace of the GAA

82) Lindt

83) Bedbugs

84) €5m

85) She had a third breast implanted

86) Eva Longoria

87) €160

88) Tapir

89) Ryan Tubridy and Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain

90) Ask.fm

91) Luxembourg

92) Gerard Ryan

93) Dolores O'Riordan

94) Sean Quinn

95) Mexico

96) Benjy

97) Storms

98) Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games

99) Jackie Healy Rae

100) Distal humerus - the long bone in his arm

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