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Superbowl 49 - Madden NFL 15 Prediction

With up-to-date rosters and crammed to the gills with stats, what better way to predict the outcome of Superbowl 49 than to pit the teams against each other in EA's Madden NFL 15.

The setup was straightforward, we cranked the computer skill right up to the highest level and let each team go at it without the interference of human hands.

As Madden NFL matches can take nearly as long as the real thing, we set it to three minutes per quarter. Even on three minutes, there's just under forty minutes of gameplay to get stuck in to.

In spectator mode we couldn't figure out how to select Phoenix, so we went with the Seahawks at home since we're rooting deep down for the Patriots.

We've divided the game in to two halves, both of which have big hits and bigger yards.

We won't mention the final result and ruin the surprise, but in all of our trial runs the victor was decided by no more than a field goal. Tonight is going to be close.

In our final "This is the Indo Superbowl 49" game, a decisive intercept gave one team a significant lead, but even then a strong offense in the last minute brought nail-bitingly close.

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