Tuesday 25 June 2019

The Grand Tour Game review: Hybrid lacks horsepower

The Grand Tour Game

(XO/PS4) *** Age :12+

The Grand Tour Game
The Grand Tour Game
Ronan Price

Ronan Price

Amazon reputedly paid up to $250m for Jeremy Clarkson and co to make their Top Gear-alike car show for the Prime streaming TV service. This curious hybrid is a hesitant attempt to exploit, ahem, market the brand with a mix of footage from the show that segues into videogame driving sequences.

There's sound logic at work here - watch Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May muck about a bit in an exotic supercar, then you can drive the motor in a recreated version of the same location. Petrolheads should adore it. And yet…

The Grand Tour Game shadows the current season streaming on Prime (and a couple of glimpses of earlier seasons) but does not offer full episodes, slicing the action into bite-sized portions.

My guess is that it includes maybe 75pc of the footage in each of the one-hour-ish shows, of which there are 13 this season. Each game episode will be released alongside the TV version as it goes live on Amazon Prime. It feels a little disjointed, though, not least where whole chunks have been reefed out for "licensing reasons".

The driving bits are fun, if shallow in an unrealistic Ridge Racer-style of racing but fare better in a standalone multiplayer version where wacky Mario Kart-esque gadgets come into play. At only €15, TGTG isn't bad value but true fans might prefer splurging on the introductory offer of €3 a month on Prime for access to all its shows and the full versions of The Grand Tour.

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